×Unlike 99% of other essay writing services, we are a reliable, registered company and we accept PayPal.So, if you are not happy with your work, you can always ask for a refund.

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Money Back Guarantee

We offer a variety of options to ask for returning your money back (receiving refund) for an order. Be aware that the refund is possible only to the initial payment source. To get your money back successfully, you should stick to the following rules.

If your order has not been approved yet, you can choose either of the options below:

100% refund if:

  • a payment mistake occurred (double charge, duplicate orders, and others). Please, if a mistake has occurred inform us as soon as possible, so we could be able to give you’re the full refund, if we have not assigned the writer to work on your order yet.
  • We have no suitable writer at the moment to work on your order. We will inform you, if such a rare case occurs, and offer refund ourselves.
  • You do not need the completed order anymore because of the deadline rule violation and you have not received the order in time. In such a case, you will not receive the completed order. You will neither be able to use any materials from the order, you have already received.

70% refund if:

  • A writer has been already assigned to your order and less than 50% of the deadline has passed. The writer needs compensations for the work done, which he/she has already started. Hence, only a partial refund is possible in such a case.

50% refund if:

  • No writer is available at the moment to complete the revision of your order
  • The writer has been assigned to your order and over 50% of the deadline has passed. Hence, the writer needs compensations for the work done.

As soon as you initialize the refund, you will not get any intellectual or property rights of the completed order. These rights are canceled and revoked, if the refund procedure has started.

If the order is returned for a revision, this means that only insignificant adjustments are needed and you approve it in general.

Return and exchange

According to the Law of Ukraine «On Protection of Consumer Rights», the buyer has the right to exchange goods for the same within 14 days if the purchased goods did not fit in shape, size, style, color, size or for other reasons, and if the presentation of goods, labels and estimated document issued by the seller with the goods. The exceptions are goods that are not subject to return under the Law, you can see a list of them under the link.